Two Flags 2.02

Competing against A.I. or humans, you'll need to capture 2 flags of s...

  • Last Updated: Jun 18, 2009
  • License: Shareware / N/A
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: Electronical Software

Description of Two Flags 2.02

Announcing the vanguard of console style gaming on your PC.
No longer only a solitare game, TWO FLAGS is now a unique multiplayer game.

A revolution in PC gameplay, you'll compete against up to 4 humans or artificial intelligence bots to be the first to capture two flags of the same color and return them to your home base. The conditions of battle are created by combining a fast game of tag with the rock, scissors and paper paradigm. The A.I. should prove to be worthy opponents for you in the practice mode..

The game play, graphics and rules are simple. The playfield is seen as an overhead view of a circular arena with the flags in the center and the 5 bases along the perimeter. A complete game is selected from 1 to 5 rounds.

If you are short of joysticks, then one player can use the keyboard.
If less than five play multiplayer, then you can include AI opponents.

To the best of my knowledge TWO FLAGS is the first native Windows? game which supports more than two real time joystick/joypads wielding players.

TWO FLAGS is ideal for older systems, it can fit on a single floppy disk.

Changes from version 1.3 to 2.0
- Added multiple joysticks/players mode.
- Added kids practice mode. [Player Speed Normal+1 ; AI speed ((Normal)/2)+1 ; no records]
- Added MIDI music.
- Added joystick click to start practice rounds 2 through 5.
- Added joystick pull up for restart with same setup at the end of a practice game.
- Activated the 'I' (for information) keypress from the SELECT AN AVATAR interface.
- Made many subtle graphics changes and replaced some default avatars.
- Made minor interface enhancements.
- Made minor audio enhancements.

TWO FLAGS is freeware.
Requirements: No special requirements

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    Competing against A.I. or humans, you'll need to capture 2 flags of same color.

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