Up and Down the River

Up and Down the River is a popular trick-taking card game.

  • Last Updated: Mar 31, 2010
  • License: Shareware / $9.95
  • OS: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me
  • Publisher: Solecismic Software

Description of Up and Down the River

Up and Down the River is the first card game from Solecismic Software, known for its award-winning sports simulations.

Up and Down the River is a popular trick-taking card game. It is also known as "Oh, Heck" or "Oh, Hell" in many areas.

Hand size varies, which is the meaning behind the game's name. A game often begins with a hand of only one card. The next hand is made of up two cards, and so on, until a limit is reached. Players then "go back down the river," starting with the maximum-sized hand and moving down.

With a minimum of one card per hand and a maximum of 10, a full game consists of 20 hands. You can change the game settings to suit your own game length.


* When playing a card game, just like any other game, you want to measure your successes and failures. So the game includes a thorough record book. Do you want to know your own record for most tricks taken in a game? It's in there.
* Play against two, three or four computer opponents. Each computer opponent has a slightly different playing style. Over time, they adjust their play to your bidding and playing characteristics.
* The game includes a scoreboard, giving you access to a record of each hand played, trick by trick.
* Maintain up to eight different rules and scoring options sets, with statistics individually tracked for each set.
* Overall game statistics tracked for you and all of the computer opponents. Is Desdemona dominating the five-player contests by converting 62% of her bids and scoring nearly 90 points per game? You'll know at the touch of a button.
* If you want to know how you're doing in seven-card hands in five-player games, you can find that information at the touch of a button as well. What's your average bid? How many tricks do you take, on average?
* Customize the interface by selecting a felt color and card backs.
* The computer players who not involved in a particular game are always ready with advice if you have questions.
Requirements: No special requirements

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