Virtual Pool 3

This demo includes character creation and 4-ball.

Description of Virtual Pool 3

Once the Virtual Pool 3 Preview is installed, you can run the game from the Start Menu under Programs/Virtual Pool 3 Preview.

This will take you to an opening screen. From there you can click "quick play" to enter a game or click "settings" to change the game settings.

Clicking "quick play" takes you to the "quick play" menu. There you can change match length, table setup and shot clock.

Your first time in you need to click the "player" button. This takes you to the "Player Selection Screen".

There you can select "Create Character". This takes you to the "Create Character" Screen. Type in the name you would like to be called, then click "ok"

You will be brought back to the "Player Selection" screen. Highlight your name in the list box on the left, click "Add Player", then click "OK".

This brings you into the Hawg Pen to play some 4 ball. The 4 ball demo is basically 9-ball with only the 1,2,3, and 9 balls on the table.
Requirements: DirectX 8.0 or higher

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