Vivisector: Beast Within

It is wonderful first-person shooter game.

Description of Vivisector: Beast Within

SOREO. A tropical island covered with an impassable jungle, hidden from stranger eyes by the endless expanses of the ocean. I guess that the ruler of human souls must have had enough fun sending us here. He must have spent a long-long time calculating the details of the hellish show made ready for us. He's probably still waiting for a murderous outcome of this terrible story, this endless bloody fight for life. And he probably still doesn't know the main thing. That he miscounted.

Key features:

* "Vivisector. Beast Within" a dynamic, hard, straight-out 3D-action based on the sci-fi novel by Herbert Wells "The Island of Dr. Moreau".
* Intriguing scenario that won't let you catch your breath through the whole game and will lead you to an unexpected outcome.
* Inimitable enemies with unique abilities, weapons and combat tactics.
* Character development system allowing to improve the combat abilities of the hero and upgrade weapons.
* Bonus system encouraging game world exploration and combat effectiveness.
Requirements: No special requirements

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