Wanderlust is an online, fantasy, 4 player party-based arcade-action ...

  • Last Updated: Apr 13, 2010
  • License: Demo / N/A
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Wanderlustgame.com

Description of Wanderlust

What is Wanderlust? The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as: "a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel." Wanderlust (the game) is an online, fantasy, 4 player party-based arcade-action rpg game made with Game Maker. Wanderlust: Rebirth officially began on December 24th, 2006. Our hope is to make Wanderlust a strong community-oriented game, where our players will make new friends and experience a great novel-esque story with one another!


Single Player and online Co-operative play modes for 1-4 players!
Seamless integration from the interactive lobby to host/join other players!
Unique character advancement system through player efficiency and teamwork!
Unique Inventory/Crafting system!
63 Unique Skills, including 31 Spells and 4 Soul Charges (group special moves)!
Awards (i.e. achievements) given and displayed for all to see!
Story-driven gameplay; players experience an epic fantasy adventure, together!

Unique and in-depth Artificial Intelligence:

+ Enemies fight and travel in groups
+ Enemies track and surround their targets
+ Enemies may fight one another depending on their alliances or tendencies
+ Enemies may block (or even flee from battle) if they become too disadvantaged
+ Enemies will be more aggressive towards players with weak defenses
+ Enemy leaders will call for help if they fear their opponents

Players and enemies are affected by the Tide Of Battle:

+ Fight well and your group will receive damage and health bonuses!
+ Fight poorly and your group will receive penalties to their abilities!
+ The Tide Of Battle is dynamic, it changes as the battle changes!
+ Maintain the full momentum of the fight to earn a Soul Charge!
Requirements: .Net Framework 2.0 or higher

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  • 1.Wanderlust

    Wanderlust is an online, fantasy, 4 player party-based arcade-action rpg game.

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