Wanted: Weapons of Fate

This is a playable demo of Wanted: Weapons of Fate.

Description of Wanted: Weapons of Fate

For centuries, a secret fraternity of assassins has brutally executed kill orders dictated by the Loom of Fate. Your destiny is to be come their ultimate weapon. Kicking into action where the hit film, WANTED, left off, you are Wesley Gibson - an uber assassin and heir to a legacy of power, hunted by a renegade faction of the Fraternity. Master an arsenal of deadly skills to protect the secrets of your killer coalition...or blow them all away!

- Bend the laws of physics by curving bullets.
- 'Quick-Chain' Cover to shield yourself and move through the environment with remarkable speed.
- Take down multiple enemies with sheer precision while using Assassin Time.
Requirements: No special requirements

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