War on Folvos 1.35

Turn-based strategy game set on a fictitious future world.

  • Last Updated: Jul 21, 2011
  • License: Demo / $9.95 Buy Now
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Publisher: Lonely Troops

Description of War on Folvos 1.35

War on Folvos is a turn-based strategy game set amid a dark, twisted future. Lead your army to victory through several stirring battles set to a vivid background story. You will command an entire army consisting of various military units, and will need to master large battlefields in order to emerge victorious. Become the one true Commander...

The people of Folvos are about to lose their freedom. Their tiny planet is home an extraordinary new raw material, but they themselves don’t even know about it. The great Vasgalan Empire discovered it and is staking their claim; their peaceful takeover goes awry when the people of Folvos organize a resistance movement, and planet-wide fighting breaks out.

Clouds of war are shaping over the endless Folvos desert. You cannot wait any longer. Choose your side and take command! Lead your soldiers, tanks and aircraft to victory through Folvos varying landscapes across dozens of battles.


- Highly developed turn-based system guarantees several tactical options and high levels of playability.
- An intriguing game story raises the stakes and enhances the experience.
- Simple rules and intuitive controls make War on Folvos accessible for beginners, but deep enough for seasoned veterans.
- A 3D Battlefield gives you highly detailed control over your units.
Full battle score keeps the adrenaline pumping!
- Two campaigns for different sides and a full tutorial; 20 unique scenarios in all.
- 20 different types of military unit.
Requirements: No special requirements

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