WAR is an unfished but playable RTS game.

  • Last Updated: Jun 12, 2010
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Publisher: Emeric Poupon

Description of WAR

WAR is an RTS game. The goal is very easy: make a true Dune II clone but using a C&C interface. This game is not finished yet but it is playable.



*LEFT CLICK: Select a unit/building; order a unit to move, attack, collect for harverster; start or restore a construction.

*RIGHT CLICK: Deselect all units/buildings. Change a construction to Pause or cancel one.


'I': Print informations on the top of the screen (like fps, energy, spice capacity, ...)
'C': Very cool key: Pressing C allows you to control the other bases!
'S': Stop all selected units.
'G': This allow all your selected units to guard.
'TAB': kUse the Tab key to hide or show the construction menu.

'F1': Select another music.
'F2': Stop music!
'F5': Help section.
'F12': Take a screenshot ("Out.bmp")
Requirements: No special requirements

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Publisher's Product(s)

  • 1.WAR

    WAR is an unfished but playable RTS game.

  • 2.WarEdit 1.0

    A edit tool for the game named war

  • 3.TPONG MINI 1.1

    a special version of TPONG

  • 4.TPong 5.2

    It should be funny to play as long as possible against him with TPong

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