Weapons of Fate

The video games will show most of the third Person

Description of Weapons of Fate

Based on the comic novel Millar Mark series and by excellent visual director Bekmambetov Timur (Russia's most successful films, the historical epic) seamen wanted "tells the story of a lack of affection, no change of society, the heroine was introduced a new life and new ability, but he does not know. With the success of the film, the world saw a new age of heroes: Wesley Gibson. The video games will show most of the tension, the third movement fights ascend to a new level and remove directly from the movie out of the classic thing -- such as "bullets" and "Assassin curving", an innovation time-released covered multilayer the robots. Games story will pick up the computer to stop, offer another chapter Wesley to explore the assassin becomes the grandeur of the journey and fraternity.
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