winSPMBT: Main Battle Tank Online 1.0

winSPMBT is the Windows version of Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (S...

  • Last Updated: Mar 18, 2013
  • License: Demo / $39.95
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: Shrapnel Games, Inc.

Description of winSPMBT: Main Battle Tank Online 1.0

winSPMBT is the Windows version of Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (SPMBT). SPMBT is a classic super-mod for the fan favorite 1996 SSI game, Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles. Developed by Camo Workshop, and available to the public for no cost, SPMBT followed in the treadmarks of their original super-mod for SP2, Steel Panthers World War II, first released in 1998. More than just a mod, SPMBT is a standalone game that totally reworks the original game. While the gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has spent time with Steel Panthers, the data and gameplay has been tweaked to provide gamers with the ultimate tactical experience.

♦ Fully Windows compatible, allows for either DirectX or GDI based graphics.
♦ Full screen or windowed mode.
♦ Supports resolutions of 640x480 and 800x600.
♦ Arid and Savannah terrains added to the map generator.
♦ New zoom-in level added.
♦ Three new scenarios, one new campaign added for a grand total of 107 scenarios.
♦ Ninety-two updated OOB files, three updated leader name files, five updated picklists.
♦ Two new nations: Paraguay and Uruguay.
♦ Reversed game palette.
♦ Sixty-six new vehicle icons.
♦ Barbed wire! When defending, the AI will place wire.
♦ Reversible vehicles! Tanks can back up, keeping their front armor towards the source of fire.
♦ Five PBEM save slots.
♦ Everything exhaustively researched.
♦ All the features that made SPMBT v.301 such a superb game!
winSPMBT Enhanced CD Edition features everything as above, including of course the FREE game, and:
♦ Printed quick start guide!
♦ A physical CD.
♦ Higher possible resolutions include 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200, in both full screen and windowed modes.
Requirements: No special requirements

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