winSPWW2 Client 1.0

winSPWW2, a game of Combined Arms Tactical Combat 1930-1946, is the l...

  • Last Updated: Mar 18, 2013
  • License: Demo / $39.95
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Publisher: Shrapnel Games, Inc.

Description of winSPWW2 Client 1.0

winSPWW2, a game of Combined Arms Tactical Combat 1930-1946, is the latest and greatest version of what began as a classic super-mod for the classic SSI title, Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles. Now completely updated to take advantage of the Windows operating system, winSPWW2 completely sheds its DOS roots and brings tactical turn-based strategy gamers one of the most rewarding and engrossing titles they'll ever play.

winSPWW2 Free Download Edition features:

♦ Tactical single and multi-player gameplay of combined arms combat from 1930 thru 1946.
♦ Based on the classic Steel Panthers game, although winSPWW2 is a total reworking, both inside and out, of the system.
♦ Fully Windows compatible, with a complete removal of all DOS problems. All sound and mouse routines Windows compliant now.
♦ Full screen or windowed, using either DirectX or Windows GDI based graphics.
♦ Game resolution can be raised to 800x600 (original was stuck at 640x480), with even higher resolutions available with the enhanced CD version.
♦ New zoom-in level and a revised game palette.
♦ Over 332 scenarios, 66 of which are totally new to winSPWW2.
♦ 60 new maps and 275 new photos.
♦ Six new nations: Slovak Republic, Manchukuo, Italian Social Republic, Vichy France, Polish Communists, and Chinese Communists.
♦ 500+ new and revised vehicle/aircraft icons.
♦ Scripted long campaigns added for France, Chinese Nationalists, and Chinese Communists.
♦ New terrains: Bare Earth, Red Earth, Brick Cobblestones, Stone Cobblestones, Beach Sand, Sparse Grass, Grass (Variant), Leaves (Forest Groundcover), Autumn Trees, Autumn Orchards.
♦ Twelve revised terrain tile sets.
♦ Custom OOBs easily loaded.
♦ Intelligent map generator. Railways are occasionally generated, and barbed wire is added for defensive battles.
♦ Infantry squads will display up to 19 men (such as pre-war Polish units), instead of always only 13.
Requirements: No special requirements

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