Worms 4 Mayhem Demo

Playable demo of Worms 4 Mayhem.

Description of Worms 4 Mayhem Demo

Worms 4: Mayhem is as infectious and accessible as the classic Worms offerings!

The multiplayer mayhem and single-player shenanigans are spread over five themed zones - Jurassic, Camelot, Arabian, Construction and Wild West – and, throughout the enlarged landscapes, the entirely destructible scenery works with even greater effect, along with the much-loved worms’ armoury - now with an even bigger choices of weapons and fun along the way.

In single-player modes there’s even more beyond the day-to-day business of destroying worms. Through the 25 missions, you’re also charged with objectives such as recovering items or smashing scenery. All the single-player maps are available to play in multiplayer mode, along with a further set of 20 multiplayer-specific maps.

With bold levels, an improved 3D camera and animation system, a stunning arsenal delivering comedy kabooms, the loveable, customisable, yet entirely destructible, worms are back in force with Worms 4: Mayhem.
Requirements: DirectX 9.0c or later

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