WW2 Total 1.2.1

WW2 games: free strategy game with shooter battles between Axis and A...

  • Last Updated: Jan 10, 2011
  • License: Freeware / Free
  • OS: Windows XP, 2000, Me
  • Publisher: HISTRASIM LTD.

Description of WW2 Total 1.2.1

WW2Total is one of the first WW2 games with a strategy game and shooter battles between Axis and Allies. This unique combination is an independent development from gamers for gamers.Over years these WW2 games were developed by an experienced programmer and they are under continuous expansion.

Features :

-Strategy games for PC with shooter (FPS) battles between the Axis and Allies in the time of World War 2.
-Worldwide scenario with start in the autumn of 1939 (beginning of World War 2 in Europe with the German attack on Poland) until 1947.
-Eight playable nations of Axis and Allies of World War 2 (Germany, Japan, Italy, Axis-Minors, Great Britain with Allies, USA, Soviet Union, China).
-Over 320 provinces on the 3d world map.
-Around 200 different 3d units of World War 2 (infantry, tank, artillery, fighter, bomber, aircraft carrier, battle ships, cruiser, destroyer, submarines, cargo ships)
-Each unit has more than 20 attributes (for production, movement, combat) and is represented by a individual 3d model.
-Rules cover offensive options, combat missions, strategic movements, production, research and politics.
-Either playable against the AI in the single-player mode or as a multiplayer game for LAN parties or Internet multiplayer sessions with up to eight players.
-a challenging, learning and adaptive AI (artifical intelligence) for all vacant nations.
-Simultaneous commands required, which means, that all players have to plot their orders at the same time.
-Combat can be done in real time WW2 FPS battles (First Person Shooter battles) or in calculated battles with animations.In multi player games all players are participated in the FPS battles on the side of their alliance, the Axis or Allies.
-Strategic bombing attacks, air support, submarine warfare and more.
-Research of improved units with their own 3d models and datas.
-Planing of arms production, since only a few units can be built in short time.
Requirements: No special requirements

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