X-Men: Children of the Atom for CPS2

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Description of X-Men: Children of the Atom for CPS2

X-Men follows the same fighting game controls and conventions Capcom previously established with the Street Fighter II games and the original Darkstalkers. The player can choose between one of six X-Men members or four of their enemies (for a total of ten selectable characters) and proceed to compete in a series of best-two-out-of-three one-on-one matches.

The player has an "X-Power" gauge (similar to the Super Combo gauge in Super Street Fighter II Turbo and the "Special" gauge in Darkstalkers) that builds as the player perform regular of special moves. X-Power gauge starts at Lv. 1 and reaches Lv. 2 when it becomes half-full and an Aura will begin to surround the player's character until it becomes full and reaches MAX level. Players can then perform an "X-Ability", which consumes a small portion of the X-Power gauge, or a "Hyper X", which consumes a greater portion of the same gauge. Breaking one's fall from a throwing technique or performing a counterthrow will also consume a portion of the X-Power gauge when performed.

Other features introduced in Children of the Atom includes Super Jumps, the ability to roll away or towards an opponent after falling, the ability to determine the aim of a projectile move (such as Cyclops' eye beam), and the ability to pursuit an opponent after performing a throwing attack for additions attacks.

After selecting a character, the player can choose between "manual" or "automatic" blocking. By selecting to automatically block attacks, some features will not be available during gameplay.

The single-player mode consists of six computer-controlled opponents and two non-playable boss characters. Unlike some games, the player can not play against a clone of their own character. Akuma from Super Turbo, appears in the single-player mode as a secret opponent who appears after the sixth match if the requirements are met.
Requirements: No special requirements

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