X Motor Racing 1.275 1.275

X-Motor Racing is designed for racing enthusiasts all around the world.

  • Last Updated: Dec 21, 2010
  • License: Demo / Free
  • OS: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • Publisher: Exotypos

Description of X Motor Racing 1.275 1.275

Now X-Motor Racing is a racing simulator and the tools to create cars and tracks. VehiclePhysics utility that allows tweak almost every aspect of the vehicle dynamics.

You can create and add any type of car, like racing car, grand tourer, sports car, roadster, supercar, Formula 1, Nascar, SUV, family car etc.

X-Motor Racing is a constantly developing project. You could always check for updates and additional tracks and cars at download page.

Our goal is to develop advanced racing simulator with tools for understanding/tweaking vehicle physics.
X-Motor Racing is distributed via Internet only.

The features

- There are two tire models supported;
- Telemetry system;
- Tire model telemetry system;
- Open physics model;
- 3D Tire Model Viewer;
- Customizable tire model;
- Dedicated server and online/multiplayer up to 32 players;
- Tools for creating/editing tracks and cars;
- VehiclePhysics utility for tweaking physics of the vehicle;
- Wheel, gamepad, joystick, mouse and keyboard steering;
- TrackIR and D-BOX supporting;
- DirectSound and OpenAL supporting;
- Widescreen and TripleHead2Go supporting;

The customizable car physics parameters

- Sprung mass;
- Unsprung mass;
- Centre of mass;
- Tire/wheel geometry;
- Mass distribution.

- Drag coefficient;
- Lift coefficient;
- Sideforce coefficient;
- Front area;
- Displacement;
- etc.

- Steering angle;
- Ackermann steering geometry;
- Caster angle;
- Kingping inlcination.

- Brakes balance;
- Traction control;
- Stability control;
- Anti-lock braking system or ABS;
- etc.

- RPM;
- Torque curve;
- Power curve;
- Engine inertia;
- Engine braking;
- etc.

- Travel;
- Stiffness and stiffness curve vs. travel;
- Bump damping and bump damping curve vs. velocity;

And More!
Requirements: No special requirements

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